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Liability Waiver

All individuals in my party must agree to the following conditions for participation in this tour:

  1. The safety of myself & those in my care is my responsibility.  I waive liability of any claims & agree not to sue Venice Florida Tours LLC or representatives of Venice Florida Tours LLC for any personal injury or other reason.

  2. I represent that I am in good health, in proper physical condition, & capable of walking or bicycling long distances outdoors.

  3. I understand the weather may have sudden & unexpected changes & accept the inherent risks of this activity.

  4. During this tour, Venice Florida Tours LLC representatives may arrange any medical treatment or emergency assistance that they deem necessary for my health and well-being.  All medical expenses incurred are at my cost.

  5. I understand that the tour route is along streets & crosses intersections that are open to vehicular traffic. I will comply with safety instructions provided by my tour guide.  I accept full responsibility for my behavior, well-being and health throughout the tour.

  6. If I violate this agreement, I will be responsible for any attorney fees & additional costs incurred in defending such action.

By clicking Accept, I affirm that all individuals in my party fully understand and agree to the items numbered above.

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